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Shelby is...

In 2014, Jackie--a busy momma, pastor, and wife--began to search for a community of those who called themselves “crunchy,” “natural,” or even “hippie.” A place that valued respectful parenting and medical freedom, with an emphasis on being eco-friendly. She quickly found that while there were some communities that encompassed those things, they however were not Christ centered. It was out of a need, where nothing similar existed, that Natural Christian Mommas (NCM) was formed. 


Shortly after NCM was formed Jackie and Bethany met. What God put on Jackie’s heart, He also put on Bethany’s heart. Bethany came on as the second administrator of the community. Being very different in leadership, God in His perfection, place these two together to compliment one another. The community grew and grew, creating a tribe that grew in their faith. 

After more growth, Jackie and Bethany were in agreement that it was time to expand the leadership team. Someone was missing and Shelby was the first and only candidate. After Shelby accepted the position, it turned out that three is better than two, Shelby was truly needed all along. Shelby brings a fresh new perspective to the table and NCM is better because of her. 

Each of these three women brought her own strengths and gifts to the team. Creating a balanced, prayerful team that equips and works with one another. 

As NCM continued to grow and thrive, there was a need to add leadership beyond these women. We have an entire team of moderators, or beekeepers (as we affectionately call them). Every beekeeper that has been added to the team add something needed--some gifted with prayer, others administration or vast knowledge of herbalism. Each beekeeper brings a lacking skill set, working with the administrators to cultivate a community that has been richly blessed by our Father. Like any hive, these women work endlessly, pouring their hearts and time and walking where God has called. 

In 2019 NCM found favor in an unlikely place. Two of our administrators traveled to Facebook head quarters in San Francisco to represent NCM at the Facebook Community Summit. It was an incredible opportunity to represent Jesus and the natural momma community! 

NCM has had an incredible impact on so many lives. From aiding in the restoration of marriages, to offering support to bereaved mommas, even helping mommas flee from abuse. God uses the ministry of NCM daily and we are excited to see what the future of the ministry holds. 

This ministry is for woman looking for a tribe of women who are on the natural journey and are taking their faith walk deeper.


You can find support for various topics such as:

Biblical Truth and Discipleship

Respectful Parenting


Medical Freedom 

Natural Immunity 

Natural Birth

Eco Friendly Lifestyle 

And so much more! 

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