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About this Event-


The idea behind creating and cultivating a more mindful life is the idea that Christ wants to have dominion over every area of our lives. To have a more mindful life, to be more mindful, means to be more aware, to be intentional, to be actively making choices and evaluating those choices to ensure that they line up with the Word of God. And in order to do this, we have to stop. Stop, and evaluate, and use praying and meditating and fasting. There are so many facets of our lives--our relationships, our marriages, our children, our jobs, serving in our church and beyond, if your children are in school or if you homeschool, our own personal physical, mental, and spiritual needs, how we are being stewards of our finances and of the Earth, and many other areas of our lives. God wants us to take all of that and give it to Him. It is so easy to choose the path that is quick and simple. It is easy to listen to all the voices and just follow the path of least resistance. But it is important that we look to God first and make decisions out of our relationship with Him.


Our goal for this course is for you to have an overview of how to be more mindful and intentional in different areas of your life. For you to identify areas that need work and have practical ways of addressing it. And ultimately for you to grow closer to Christ and bring your family closer to Christ in the process.


This course will cover topics like:

• Mindful living

• Goal setting and how to actually achieve those goals

• Choosing a life and family verse

• Bible study techniques and meditation

• Worship and prayer

• Your home environment

• Minimalism/cutting clutter

• Rhythms and routines

• Creating an atmosphere of peace in your home

• Identifying and addressing your personal needs

• True self care vs escapism

• The need for community

• Stewardship of the earth

• And more!


Each week of this course will have video lessons, printables, a private accountability group with us, discussion exercises in the group during the week, a weekly live video Q&A session, journal prompts and exercises for you to do on your own, and more. This course is created by the work of nine different women from different journeys and denominations and specialties. It has been created by our community of women leaders for our Natural Christian Mommas Community. This course could change so much for you and help you grow deeper in your walk with Christ if you let it.


We can't wait to have you join us on this journey This course runs for eight weeks. Space is very limited, don't wait to register!

Course Impact

What are people saying?

  • Participants reported that they will recommend this course to a friend.

  • Excellent quality and value for the course.

  • Each participant saw an increase in their time spent with God during the course.

  • Participants are saying the course absolutely added value to their life!

  • Each person felt that this course challenged them to grow in many important areas in their life.

  • The course was practical and life changing.

"Since the course, we cut down on our kids toys. That has been life-changing and fantastic. We’re working on cutting down even more on waste. I’ve drawn closer to God. I finished writing a letter to my parents and told them I forgive them from all the years of verbal and physical abuse. It’s not only changed our lives on the outside but it’s changed my spiritual life and my heart"

Do you feel this course added value to you life?

"Yes yes yes!! I actually got waylaid going through the course because I was so excited to implement everything I was learning, lol. I am completely a different person now than I was at the beginning."

"Oh my goodness, YES! Really in every way. It’s opened my eyes on all the areas I need to be intentional. On all the areas I should be. It’s changed how I look at things and my day to day life."

How did the course draw you closer to God?

"I have found it is a bit easier to start my quiet time and not be so afraid of what I might hear or not hear, being able to open up with my hubs more in our time has made us both draw closer as we have opened up and prayed together about specific issues, so being able for both of us to become more vulnerable together with God has been amazing, not being afraid to come to God has been really freeing as well."

"I loved the course! I feel like many mamas would find great encouragement and help with it....[the course] has been life changing! I’m so thankful for you all and I’m so happy the Lord brought me here!!"

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