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Statement of Faith


We believe in one God, the Creator King. He is our creator and sustainer. He is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. We believe this one God is triune in nature. 


We believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior who came to earth to seek and save the lost. He came as a baby, born of the Virgin Mary. While on earth He was 100% man (Incarnate Son of God) and 100% God (Second person in the Trinity). He has always existed. He lived a sinless life on this earth. We believe in a physical sacrificial death on the cross, a bodily resurrection, His ascension to heaven where He sits as our advocate until He returns. He is the way and the truth and the life. 


We believe in the Holy Spirit who is the third person in the Trinity. The Holy Spirit guides us in all truth and aligns with God’s Word that we read in the Bible. The Holy Spirit is not a thing, but a person in the Trinity. He is our advocate, our counselor, our guide, He convicts us when we are going our own way, and He helps us to seek the truth. We believe the Holy Spirit dwells in each believer to empower us as we live out the mission Jesus gave us. 


We believe in a Triune God. One God in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Co-equal and co-eternal. 


We believe the Bible is the Word of God and Jesus is the Word in the flesh. We believe that the scriptures contained in the Canonical Bible are God-breathed, fully inspired by Him, and infallible. We are to live by the words and ideas we find in scripture. We are to meditate and study the scriptures as we journey in our faith. 


We believe that we are all fallen and sinners and in need of a savior. From birth we are born with a sin nature. We are born with a propensity towards sin and we are born into a sinful world. Sin is inevitable. Sin is missing the mark. Without the help and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we cannot overcome sin. Jesus’s work on the cross and subsequent resurrection and ascension allowed for us to experience the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. 


We affirm that salvation is through faith in Jesus alone; no other paths can lead to salvation. By believing in Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life you have access to eternal life in Him. This cannot be earned, as it is a free gift for believers. The path to salvation is narrow and the path to destruction is wide. 


We are called as believers to follow God is all we do. We are to live in radical obedience, forsaking the world and its temptations. We are to repent and turn from our sin and seek God daily. We are to live out our faith daily and share the Gospel with those around the world. 


We believe that we are to be a part of a Christian community, that through community we grow and have accountability. Jesus is the head of the church. 


We believe that Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead, but we don’t know the specifics about how or when. We are called to be prepared at all times. Those who have received the gift of salvation will spend eternal life with God without pain or sadness, but those who have chosen to reject God’s gift will suffer God’s judgment and be eternally separated from Him. 


Each person was created in the image of God. We all have inherent value and should be treated accordingly regardless of socioeconomic class, background, race, religion, etc. We are to stand up for justice in all situations. 


We believe in the priesthood of all believers. Each of us are called to be ministers of the Gospel. Matthew 28:19-20




We hold the essentials of our faith as a place where we need to be firmly united, but in the nonessentials we believe there is liberty and space for personal conviction. 


We hold the belief that marriage is a covenant between God and one man and one woman. This is not something to cast off lightly, but to be taken with grave seriousness. We believe that two become one flesh in a marriage and it is designed to be a partnership. Within the covenantal relationship of marriage is the only appropriate time for any type of sexual intimacy. 


We believe in mutual submission in marriage as laid out in the Bible. While each marriage will look differently, we firmly believe in the restoration of God’s design for marriage that we find in the book of Genesis. This is made possible through the work that Jesus did on the cross. Hierarchy within marriage is a direct result of the fall of mankind. 


We believe that we are called to be good stewards of this earth and our families. As such natural living is an important part of our work during our short journey on this earth. 


We hold the belief that we need to parent our children while partnering with the Holy Spirit. We should focus on teaching our children while modeling the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.) 


We affirm the call of all people in the body of Christ to walk in the calling the Lord has for them, including all levels of ministry within the church. We will not limit the work of the Holy Spirit by limiting Him to calling only certain people to ministry. Just as we see all sorts of people called to leadership within the Bible, we hold space for the Lord to continue to do the same. 


We believe in the sanctity of life and that no matter how a life was made that it is to be protected and cared for, not just in the womb but also through it’s life. 


We are to submit every area of our lives to God, that includes how to parent, how we teach our children, our jobs, our finances, our medical choices, etc. Everything we do needs to be submitted to God and we need to live out our relationship with God in radical obedience. 

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