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Tools On The Wall

By Taleitha Selby

The other day I was out walking in my yard, admiring all the new green that was starting to appear. It was really starting to feel like spring. It inspired me to go and look where I had planted some herbs last year. I was excited to see some new growth! I spotted some yarrow, thyme and lemon balm. My excitement slowly dwindled as I remembered how much lemon balm I still had from last year hanging up inside.

You see, I had such an abundance of herbs last year for the first time. I cut and dried as much as I could without harming the plants. I remember the pride I felt when I hung my first plant to dry.

I had done it! I had successfully grown a medicinal plant! This was a "crunchy" milestone for me. I was so giddy over this, the rest of that summer and fall, I took much joy in hanging my herbs in a decorative way in my home, so that I could see them and others. I beamed inside any time a guest would comment on my "herb" wall I had in my kitchen. Now, there is nothing wrong with enjoying what God has given you. God is a good Father and loves to give gifts to His children (see Matthew 7:11). But as I was walking back inside and was remembering the herbs I had up on my wall, I realized it was almost a whole year later after I harvested them and I had yet to even use them. The Holy Spirit was gently nudging my heart.

I had precious tools hanging up on my wall for display. Tools I could have been using and sharing the last several months. Tools I was given for a purpose, not just to display.

How often do I have my spiritual armor just up on display? What have I put away in my heart that God gave me to use as a tool? As a weapon for defense? As resources to share with others to help equip themselves?

My husband and I recently finished watching "The Mandalorian," the Star Wars series about a special warrior and his journey. Some things that stood out to me throughout all the episodes was how the warrior never took off his armor. He always had his armor on. He was always ready to fight and defend. He also never took advantage of the tools he had; whatever he was given to use, or had in front of him, he used with purpose. Every tool, no matter how small or large, had a specific purpose.

I knew these herbs had purpose when I planted them, it was the whole reason I planted them. I knew they had great uses when I harvested them.

Yet in my excitement over my accomplishment, instead of focusing what God just gave me, I hung them up on a wall for display instead of asking God how I could use them.

Yarrow for speeding up healing. Thyme for respiratory support. Lemon balm for calming and digestive support. Echinacea for immune support. Comfrey for helping inflammation. Lavender for relaxation. So many uses and aides I had right there in front of me, untouched.

As the Holy Spirit was gently directing my attention to this, my heart wept for the condition of other believers who may also be doing the same. I encourage you, ask yourself, "Are any tools God has given to me that I have set aside (spiritually and physically)?" There is never a time more pertinent than now to be dusting off our tools, our resources, our weapons. Even if God gave you something years ago, it is not too late. If you are unsure of how to use them, simply ask. He will equip us with what we need, we just have to be willing to put them to use (see Ephesians 4).

So you may be wondering, what did I do with all my herbs on the wall? I took them all down, gave some away and am making some medicinal tinctures with what I have left. There is nothing left on my wall. So I ask, what tools are on your wall?

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