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Are You Giving God Enough Time?

Deuteronomy 31:6

Don't mistake God's patience for his absence...

James 1:4

Let patience have her perfect work so you can be perfect and entire, wanting for nothing.

Do we allow God to have time? 

I was standing in the kitchen, making lunch, and from the bedroom my kids yelled that they needed me to do something for them in their bedroom. I asked them to hang on a little bit longer while I finished up what I was doing and my oldest popped up with, "Ugh she'll never come help" in that moment it hit me. How often do we ask God to do something for us and if He doesn't do it immediately we throw a fit that he didn't cater to us right away or complain that he isn't listening ? Be honest, we are all guilty of saying "I've been praying for weeks/months/years and he still hasn't answered" How often do we ask "why doesn't He care?"

When He has said "no" or "wait" to our request? 

The entire time we are complaining that he didn't help us he was actually making nourishment for us. Doing something for us that was far more beneficial than what we thought we needed. If He would have stopped what He was doing right away to answer our every whim we would never get our spiritual blessings on time in the same way my hungry children would have had to wait even longer for me to make their lunches and be fed if I kept stopping for little things they didn't need at that very moment.

These days I learn so many spiritual lessons through my children. Through their innocent hearts and small voices and even through their bouts of fleshly nature and loud outbursts. Motherhood has taught me to look at God as more of a parent/child relationship. He knows what we need more than what we do. He cares for our desires but He wants to meet our needs first.

Are you patient in your requests? Do you trust Him to nourish you? Then trust His timing! 

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