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Blocked Vision

By Taleitha Selby

As I was sitting outside this evening I had this revelation.

You ever wonder why something blocks your view?

Let me explain... So we have a westward facing home out in the country. The sunsets are beautiful. I love sitting outside and watching the sun go down while the birds chirp and the wind gently blows. The only way it could be better was if we didn't have the neighbor's big house blocking the view. (Although we like the neighbors!)

So many times I have thought, "Oh this house would feel so much better if our neighbor's house wasn't there across the road," or "Bet the view they have is perfect."

Harmless little thoughts, right? Maybe not so....

Jesus reminded the disciples in Matthew 13 (the parable of the Sower) that if the people's hearts were not ready to hear and see what He had to say, they would not understand and would not be healed; and furthermore the seeds planted would not grow. (see Matthew 13: 9-17)

Imagine, every time I go out to see a sunset I think the same thought. And then I start to think the blockage is hurting me. I start to think my life is just miserable. I start to develop bitterness about the thing that's blocking my view. Now I think life has to be better if I rid this blockage, it might even be what God has for me. I must rid myself of this or leave and find something better. Life has to be better than this right?

Really? Is that true? As true as it may feel? What am I missing by fixating my mind on the disadvantages of my neighbor's house blocking the sunset? Am I truly focusing on what God has for me or what I think He has for my life? What am I missing? That house I believe is blocking my "perfect" view is someone else's home.

A home with a family, sweet laughter from young children, a baby's coo or cry, a family I am called to share Jesus with.

Our minds can become such slippery slopes. How often do we view God's gifts as a "blocked view" and really, it is our perception that is the block? So easily we slip into the blinders of comparison and envy. We can only see that gift we have been given as something that's blinding us and holding us back, when really we are blinding ourselves.

Dear Jesus, help us to remove those blinders and see our blocked views as what they really are in our lives. Give us your eyes to see what You have for us this year. Let our eyes and ears be opened to You. Amen.

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