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Elderberry Tincture Recipe

Step by step on how to make your own TRUE tincture (using nothing but alcohol and time)

Let's make an elderberry tincture!! It is an extreme immune boosting remedy! There is also a syrup version but a tincture is said to be more potent.

Using only Elderberries and high proof (80+) Vodka or brandy. You can use vegetable glycerin for this as well but the alcohol tinctures are said to pull out more beneficial I also properties and also lasts much longer. We're talking years verses months with glycerin.

There's no need to worry about the alcohol. When taking a dose it is such small amounts it will have no effect! If you are still worried (or giving to children) you can place the dose in a hot cup of tea or water and wait a few minutes. the heat will cause the alcohol to dissipate and leave only the awesome immune boosting properties of the elderberries behind! ​This recipe was so easy it was ridiculous!

HOW TO MAKE ELDERBERRY TINCTURE : 1.Take your black (never red) ripe elderberries (dried or fresh works fine) and dump them into a mason jar. Fill about 1/2 way. You can get mason jars here or reuse some you already have. 2. Pour your 80+ proof vodka over the berries till they are covered then add another two inches or so of liquid. 3. Seal the jar and store in a dry dark place. 4. Shake the jar every day or two for 4 -6 weeks (more time equals more potency) don't forget to shake! 5. When time is up strain the liquid from the berries through a very fine mesh or filter. Like this one. 6. Store in a dark glass/amber bottle if you don't have one store in a mason jar with a brown paper bag over the jar. I bought amber bottles with dropper lids on Amazon. 7. Compost your herbs/berries! :)

Let's talk about price! I grabbed the cheapest 80 proof I could find. $11.00 - this bottle will go very far and make SEVERAL large batches of various tinctures so the cost really is split pretty low.

1 0z dried organic Elderberries - Ebay $1.95 - enough for a small batch next time I'll buy more or you can plant your own elderberry plants if you wish! Make sure you check out the seller for legitimacy. They are also on Amazon.

So there you have it just a couple bucks and a bit of patience for a super potent immune booster!! This is great for any sickness but super to have around "flu season".

Any time people are getting sick around you or you feel something coming on, tincture up!

The awesome thing about tinctures is the shelf life! They last several years when stored properly!

DOSAGE: Adults - When you feel like you’re coming down with a virus, chest cold, or just feel under the weather (or even if you have come in close contact with someone who is) take 1/2-1 teaspoon (small dropper full)  about 3 times a day until you’re feeling better. *You CAN take tinctures straight but they are strong tasting (straight alcohol) and you may want to add to a warm drink to get it down. Children - Give the elderberry tincture by putting 1/4-1/2 teaspoonful of it in a cup of hot water or tea a couple times a day. Please allow the drink to cool before the child drinks it. Once again, the hot water will evaporate most of the alcohol. When you do it this way there will be less alcohol left than in a ripe banana or a glass of orange juice! *There are so many sites on elderberry tinctures and some suggest more or less of a dosage. I would start out with the minimum and work your way up till you get the most noticeable boost.

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