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Five Must Have Herbs for Your Home

Whether you are just diving in to the natural lifestyle or you consider yourself pretty "crunchy" this is for you. 

God gave us herbs as the original medicine. Somewhere along the way many have forgotten just how amazing these plants are and what they can do.

Listed below are some of the top herbs you should always keep stocked in your crunchy cabinet!

Herbs are so great and can be used in many different ways! When you learn more about herbs, you learn how to heal your family naturally.

5 must have herbs for your home

1. LAVENDER  This herb is just amazing and a personal favorite. Lavender is so great for multiple healing purposes. It can be used for minor skin lacerations and irritations. Fight insomnia/soothing and calming effect Great for healing acneCan aid in digestion and soothe tummies. Reduces stress and anxiety Improves blood circulation and more. Did I mention the smell is lovely? 2. ECHINACEA This plant is great for your immune system! It really gives you that extra boost to combat cold and flu symptoms As a bonus, you get beautiful flowers! 


3. BASIL  This herb is so easy to grow!Basil is great for cuts and scrapesLowers stress levels in the bodyAlso helps with, well, with flatulence 4. FEVERFEW  The leaves are great to chew or steep in teaHelps headache painsAssists with arthritis pain, also great for minor skin conditions 5. ROSEMARYGreat for improving memory and concentrationEncourages focusA bonus perk is good smelling breath!  All these herbs can easily be grown in your home with some love and care! They can be chewed, steeped in tea, made into salves, or even made into tinctures! 

Interested in learning more about using herbs instead of mainstream medicine ? Stick around, we will post about more herbs soon! 

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