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I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 NLT

I remember sitting in church learning about the power of the Holy Spirit. About all He does and empowers us to do. Truth be told, the "magic" of the Holy Spirit is what brought me back to God when I was lost.

I was young and searching for the truth. I had been raised Christian-ish. We occasionally attended church. We prayed at every meal but it was more of a routine. As I got older we did more church but I'm not sure I ever "got" the stuff they were teaching. I'm not sure why. Maybe I just wasn't ready. Honestly I'm a rebel by nature so I probably just needed to do it my own way.

I was a teenager and lost. I felt as though I had no hope. I was in constant turmoil. I just wanted joy and peace. I wanted meaning and hope. So I decided to search for it.

I researched many different religions and even tried a few of them out. None seemed to work. In fact some made me feel very uncomfortable. And the whole time I knew God (the Christian God) was watching and waiting patiently. He knows my inmost being. He knows how I work and what He needed to do.

When the time was right, I heard about and saw the power of the Holy Spirit. It was as if my heart started to beat for the first time. I was fully enamoured by God. I felt joy and peace and hope and meaning. Finally, I had found home.

I have taken this feeling with me throughout my life as I've grown and changed and moved and experienced life. God is my anchor in all of it. His Holy Spirit empowers me daily. He is my comforter, my help, my advocate, and SO much more.

As a mom it is important that we stay connected to the Holy Spirit. Our children need to see us engaging in the joy and hope of our Lord. In all seasons and all the trials of life there is one constant and that is the confident hope we have in God.

Prayer: Lord, we look to you today to be our source of joy and peace. We focus our hearts on you as you full us with hope. Help us to see meaning in the mundane. Help us see meaning in the trials. Show us you today and everyday. In your mighty name we pray. Amen

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