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Let's put an end to "I'm not allowed."

"My doctor says I'm not allowed to have a VBAC"

"My midwife says I am not allowed to skip the gestational diabetes test"

"My OB said I'm not allowed to do delayed cord clamping"

:gets on soapbox:

I'm done hearing this. Just done. My heart breaks a little every time I hear this.

Your doctor/midwife works for you! You are the boss. You make the rules. You have all the say to what happens to your body and to your baby.

The women before us worked very hard to get us the freedoms we have today. They endured twilight sleep, and medicines that permanently damaged their children, and birth experiences that were embarrassing (being shaved and given an enema was standard practice).

We have come a long way from that, and yet we still have a ways to go.

Today, women are lied to for the convenience of doctors. Their birth plans are ignored. Our wants and desires are disregarded. Our bodies are quieted and in some cases assaulted.

This is not okay. This needs to change. It starts with each of us simply standing up for our right to follow our instincts. Try for that VBAC! Decline GD testing! Demand delayed cord clamping! If you want something, demand to be heard.

Be empowered. Let's decide today that saying "I'm not allowed" is no longer allowed!

There some great ways to ensure you have the pregnancy and birth experience you desire.

Educate yourself.

Research all you can.

Ask questions.

Dig deeper.

Find a birthing method that works for you and your birth partner. (example The Bradley Method)

Hire a doula and choose a professional midwife.

Know your rights and find a provider that respects you.

Pick birth affirmations that speak to you.

For more resources join our community!

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