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Motherhood as a Ministry

That's a thing? It really is! And the blessed women who are called to operate in it may not even know. 

When I was a teen I was called to be a missionary. The Holy Spirit lined up every detail and sent me to different countries and even different places within my country and home state. It felt wonderful operating in my calling and I was so extremely blessed, but little did I know, God changes people's callings. 

As soon as I got home from my trip to Indonesia and Singapore I asked God where I was to go next... I heard nothing but silence. I let it go and within the next year I was married and expecting my first child. I felt enormous guilt like I chose to settle down and have a family instead of serving God.  How am I supposed to travel the word with a newborn? However, He still hadn't asked me to travel anywhere new to spread His good word. 

It wasn't until a women's conference, years later, where I received his answer. I was pregnant with another baby and still fighting myself for not DOING more. And for not operating in some sort of calling. I was just sitting at home being a mom. Wasting time.  

The woman, who was there to speak that day, came up to me at prayer time. Now mind you I am a suffer in silence type of person so no one knew how I was feeling or what I was fighting within myself. She said, "God wants you to know motherhood is your calling and you are already operating in it. This is the most important job of all. You are raising the next generation. He has entrusted you with souls, how much greater can your task be?" I was blown away. I knew it came directly from Him through her. I didn't even know her. 

From then on I grew to be proud in a humbled sort of way. Yes, you can be both.  I allowed myself to be proud of the job I was doing in raising my children to love the Lord. To watch as they get giddy when I wake them up and tell them it's church day. To pray with them over their fears and disappointments and when they say "Thank you Jesus" when something good happens . I'm teaching them that. 

When I was very young someone once told me that God told them my words would reach thousands. I didn't understand then but it hit me, maybe as God told Abraham his seed would be as countless as the stars so will my voice be through my children and their children for generations. I could be the catalyst or the destroyer of these fragile innocent souls. There is no task greater.

Jesus seems to really have a soft spot for children and I'm so thankful to say He trusts me with them. I also love that I can be an encouragement to moms who are searching for help whether it's in keeping their own sanity, raising their strong willed child, or simply how to care for their little bodies in a more natural way. So my voice will travel through that mother's actions to her kids and then theirs. Changing that family's generations. 

See how this could be a never ending light of encouragement and salvation? It's amazing, really. So before you say "I'm just a mom" really think about what that means. 

Motherhood is my ministry. 

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