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The Monotony of Motherhood

My youngest wakes me to nurse. He's up for the morning. The clock says 6:10. I encourage him to play with some toys while I try and rest some more and read my morning devotions. About 20 minutes later my older son wakes. I hear him use the bathroom and then he makes his way into my room for some milk. One of only two times a day he gets milk. My youngest, who has already had milk, gets jealous and wants some too.  My husband take my youngest and changes his diaper.  We head downstairs for breakfast. Eggs one day, yogurt and such the next. Coffee everyday. Then dishes while the kids play. Depending on what day it is determine what comes next. Play date of some sort or adventure or grocery shopping.  Then the youngest nurses to sleep for a nap. Lunch time! Then we work out usually. Showers and then the youngest wakes. We usually head outside for an adventure and some fun.  Bike riding or making nature discoveries or just playing at the park. Reading books and building with blocks or doing crafts may happen as well. Then comes time to make dinner. I do dishes while that is cooking. Then we eat. Dishes again. Bed time routine. Bed for the kids. Once they are in bed we do laundry and stuff diapers and such. I usually work as well during this time. For me work is dispersed throughout the day.  Hubby will hang with the kids if I need to go to a meeting or wherever.  But I do a lot at night. Then time for us to go to bed. Change and nurse my youngest. Then go to sleep. Oh wait my oldest is awake and now my youngest again too... and such is a day in the life of a mom.

Repeat again tomorrow.

And the next day.

And again...

Motherhood is monotonous. Even with various activities, it is all much of the same thing.  It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day cycle that we lose focus on what is important.

God has given us an important task. The task of raising these amazing children and helping them to know and love God. Our everyday, our work of motherhood, our doing dishes and reading the same book a third time is all worship to God.

And in those moments where you feel you just want to run away, remember that God has given you the most important task. So pray, take a moment to reflect on His Word, and maybe get some tea.

When we lose focus on the importance of what we are doing and on the wonder of childhood our whole family misses out. We miss out on those lovely little moments when our kids are playing nicely together. We miss out on snuggles because we are grouchy. Our kids miss out on having a mom who enjoys them and cares about what they are saying. We don't intend to be this way but day in and day out of the same thing makes it hard to focus.

You are not alone. Every mother feels this way at some point.

So what can you do? -Find other locals moms and get together weekly. Let your kids play while you chat. -Have a solid Bible reading regime. Read daily. Pray and meditate.  -Throw some worship music on and have a dance party. -Do something for you. Get your husband or sister to watch the kids and go get a pedicure or something.   -Focus on the incredible little people you have the privilege to raise.  -Exercise! Just go for a walk or something.

I find most days if I focus on God and adjust my perspective it can make a world of difference.

I'm praying for you today.  You are not alone. 

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