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To The Momma About To Have Her Second Baby

To the momma who is about to have her second baby, I know how you feel. Those last fleeting moments alone with your little one. The cuddles in bed (around your growing belly). The loves and hugs and little moments that you're worried you will miss. Not that you aren't excited to have a new little one, but the unknown is concerning. I was there about 6 months ago. I remember nursing my son to sleep, snuggling with him, knowing any day now a new little person will be here with us. I remember crying many nights, almost grieving the loss of our family of three. This baby in my belly was wanted and planned, but I had not anticipated the emotions I was feeling and the sadness I experienced. It was no longer going to be me and my boy. I was no longer going to be able to give him all the attention he wanted. So many things were going through my mind... Would I even have time to cuddle with him? Would he be angry at me for having another baby? I mean, he is still my baby after all. Would I be able to have enough love for both of them? And so on. Well, I'm happy to tell you that my youngest is almost 6 months old and it is wonderful. All my fears were for nothing. These boys love each other so much. I nursed baby to sleep last night and then laid in bed and snuggled with the older one until we were both asleep. It was perfect. I have so much love for both of my boys. When they say love multiplies, it's true! Some days are hard, and no I can't give my older son all the attention he wants, but I do my best and we are doing great. Being a mom is an incredible calling. It is hard work, but worth it. So to the momma who didn't expect to feel sad when expecting her second blessing, it's okay. You will make it. You will succeed. You will have enough love. And there will be plenty of time for cuddles.

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