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What's in a name?

Your name is so connected to who you are. It is a part of your identity. When you hear your name or see your name you react differently than with other names. Maybe you were named after a family member or something special. I have the same first name as my mother and my grandmother. Family gatherings were always interesting.

Every name has a meaning. In the Bible, we see many instances where the meaning of someone's name is connected to who they are and what they do. We even see many times where God changes people's names. Abram to Abraham Sarai to Sarah Jacob to Israel Simon to Peter And so on...

Both the names of people and the names of places has significance regarding the person or place. Altars were built with names that symbolised what occurred there.

Job means "persecuted or hated" Abraham means "father of many" Elijah means "my God is YAHWEH" Paul means "humble" And so on...

If God places such an emphasis on names, I feel we should too.

Take the time to figure out what a name means and decide if it is right for your new child. Every time you speak your child's name, you can be prophesying over their life. Strong names with great meanings can have an impact.

Examples of some names: Alexander- protector of defender of mankind  Asher- joy, happy  Joel- Jehovah is God

You can see how if you name your child something with a meaning like "protector of defender of mankind" that you are prophesying this over him every time you speak him name.

​Go to God in prayer when seeking names for your children. God cares about the names of your children and will direct you in your process of choosing a name, an identity, for your child.

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