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When Momma is Grumpy

Last night was rough. Really rough. It seems like every night this summer the kids have gotten to bed late. It is hot and sticky. Frankly, even if the baby didn't cry half the night and my four year old didn't insist on sleeping on me I would still be tired.

Everything seemed to go wrong this morning. I tripped over a toy. The baby screamed the entire time that I spent making breakfast and my four year old was in tears over her cereal. That she asked for. On top of everything it seemed as though the girls had argued since sun up and my beloved coffee spilled. 

I became so overwhelmed that in the pit of my stomach Grumpy Momma began to rage. Don't they know how tired I am? Why does no one ever think of me? Can I ever just get five minutes to rest? Or pee? Or pray? I'm so tired of this. Standing there in my kitchen I had a choice to make. A choice that would make or break the entire day. Do I handle my children with love and grace, the same love and grace God shows me every morning?

Or do I unleash Grumpy Momma?

Grumpy Momma is loud and irrational. She doesn't listen to reason and doesn't care that they are just kids and are still learning. Grumpy Mama wants to sleep. Grumpy Momma can wreck her kid's heart in a moment. She would be mortified if anyone ever saw her like this. And livid if anyone ever treated her children like this. Inevitably, she always regrets her words and feels like the worst mother ever. 

I felt her coming in the pit of my stomach. Threatening to show up and explode and take over. . 

How could I stop her? The emotion was so strong that I felt so out of control. A slave to my emotions, an adult sized temper tantrum. In the split second I had to choose my words and reaction. I took a deep breath and called out to my Heavenly Father. I simply spoke these words. 

"In the name of Jesus I take authority over my emotions.

Peace. Calm me and give me serenity. 

Grace. Help me show them grace, as you show me every minute of every day.

Love. Show me how to love them as you love them.

Forgiveness. Forgive me of my grumpy thoughts and help me to forgive them."

As He hears all prayer He heard mine. I chose grace. I swallowed Grumpy Momma and believed He would give me strength as His word says He will. 

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Momma, I know Grumpy Momma threatens you too.  I know she lingers, looking for the opportunity to steal your joy. I know that you often feel overwhelmed, isolated, and like you're the only one. The thing is that the enemy wants to you feel this. He wants you to feel like you have no control over your emotions and outbursts.  

But Momma, there is POWER in the name of Jesus. 

Every single time you feel like you're going to blow speak His name and surrender your emotion to Him. When that anger bubbles inside of you and your connection and relationship with your children is threatened, speak His name with authority. 

We have power OVER OUR EMOTIONS with the name of JESUS. 

Break those chains of adult temper tantrums and speak love to your family. 

Choose grace today.

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