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Creating An Atmosphere of Peace

“Atmosphere” according to Webster’s dictionary means "a surrounding influence or environment."

The environment we live in makes a difference in how we function. Thinking back to creation, God created what first? The world, a place for us to inhabit, be, function. He made the exact things we would need before creating us. (You can read more on that in Genesis 1).

So why does an atmosphere of peace matter? Peace in our homes provides the environment needed for several things:

Fosters connection with our family

Helps provide clearer communication and clearer thinking

Helps provide a witness to others (being a light to others)

Invites in the presence of God

Without peace and the presence of God, our environment can become a place for other things to grow/inhabit. Things we do not necessarily want in our homes. Without peace, we can create space for chaos. We get distracted and off course. No peace allows for miscommunication. Fear and discouragement can move in. Anger and rage can settle in.

Any environment that is not of God will gets our eyes off of what God is trying to do in our lives.

How do we help foster an atmosphere of peace in our homes and avoid allowing anything else to grow?

First and foremost, we need to stop and invite the Holy Spirit into our lives and our homes.

The Bible talks about the Holy Spirit many times, in the Old and New Testaments both.

Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit as a helper, and said it was even better for us to have the Holy Spirit with us. (See John 14: 15-31). So it would benefit us greatly to invite the Holy Spirit in, into our space, wherever that may be (car, work, home, vacation spot) on a daily basis.

Some examples of how to invite the Holy Spirit into your life would be praying together with your children in the morning, Or before you leave to go somewhere. If mornings aren’t your thing, pray with your spouse at night before the next day comes. Pray anytime and in any place. The most beautiful thing about prayer is, it is a tool that requires little. We only need our mouths!

In addition to inviting in the Holy Spirit, praying for specific fruits of the spirit to be present can be extremely helpful. For example, when you are praying for the fruit of joy, ask for it to be overwhelming present, laugh a little, even if it feels forced. The Holy Spirit will help you!

Another simple way we can create an atmosphere of peace for our homes is by praise and worship. In Psalms 22:3, King David said that God inhabits the praises of His people. So when we sing praises or listen to worship music, He is there with us and we are inviting Him in!

There were several times in the Old Testament that God instructed Israel have praise and worshipers go out before the army when they were going into battle. Praise and worship directly influences the environment we are in. (See 2 Chronicles 20:21-23 ).

Another example of praise and worship affecting the environment is when Paul and Silas were in jail in Acts 16: 25.

Other practical ways we can create a space for a peaceful home is by simply making space. Too many things can clutter our minds and cause more stress. Letting go of things we do not need will not only make more physical room in your home, but also in your mind as well.

Letting sunlight into our homes can be beneficial. Sunlight helps us in a physical way (vitamin D) and also in a spiritual way.

Another tip for creating a more peaceful home environment is by having live plants inside. Try some small indoor plants in different areas (there are several kinds that are easy to grow for beginners or those without green thumbs-like myself). Plants help provide better air quality and can spruce up a room in an instant by providing color.

Use scriptures as decor. Hang up your favorite lyrics from your favorite worship song where you can see it on a regular basis. Stick up little notes of scriptures where you can see and read them on a regular basis. In our home for example, we have a small chalkboard wall where our children can write/draw. Often, we have them write a new scripture or song lyrics on there weekly and we see it when we leave and enter our home.

The environment we live in makes a difference in how we function and live. Peace in the home is a foundation for so many things.

The very best and most effective way we can prepare for that is by inviting the Holy Spirit in. In John 14:27, when Jesus was saying he was leaving us the Holy Spirit, he said he was giving us “HIS PEACE”. Meaning peace that surpasses all understanding. We have access to the very best thing for us, peace from God himself.

“'Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.' These are in part the words of the first verse, and are now repeated as a joyous note of triumph. Possessing the peace which He gives them, having another Advocate in the person of the Holy Spirit, having the Father and the Son ever abiding in them, there cannot be, even when He is about to leave them, room for trouble or for fear.” (reference: Biblehub commentary, Ellicott’s commentary for English readers)

When we have an atmosphere of peace in our home, there is no room for anything else.

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